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About Assured Care

Assured Care was created to serve you! 

Navigating the senior living world can be daunting. We are here to help you find the best senior care options available, whether in:

  • Assisted Living

  • Memory Care

  • Hospice

We are here to guide you in finding the right living situation; a place to call home and a place to thrive.  To ensure this transition is as stress-free as possible, we offer this service at NO COST to you.  Our goal is to ensure you or your loved one finds a place that fits your needs.




About the Owners

Jacqueline, Lynette, and staff, have over 40 years of combined senior care experience. 

Jacqueline has worked in the healthcare industry for multiple years, including management of elderly care homes and working with those who have developmental disabilities.  She has a special place in her heart for vulnerable adults and children, and does her best to ensure they are provided the opportunities needed for proper care and respect in their life.   

Lynette has had a compassionate heart ever since she was a girl, and because of that, she ensures people have the best quality care and are shown love and respect.  In the past, she owned multiple adult family homes, where she has been able to successfully provide exceptional care for her residents.  Both Jacqueline and Lynette are passionate about helping others in times of need.


Unsure of what care level you need?  We can help!

Care Levels

Assisted Living

Ideal for individuals who have difficulty with daily activities at home (mobility and safety issues, incontinence, cooking/cleaning)

Memory Care

Ideal for individuals living with Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia, typically in a secure environment (ability to have locked doors for safety and elopement risk)


Ideal for individuals who are terminally ill or near end-of-life.  Hospice prioritizes comfort and quality of life, including emotional and spiritual needs.



  • Placement

    • We pre-screen homes and facilities to ensure quality care, which streamlines placing your loved one in the right home that fits their needs.​

  • Guidance

    • Finding the right living situation for your senior can be difficult.  There are many decisions and scenarios to think through.  We can help guide you in the right direction!

  • Knowledge

    • With the knowledge we've gained over the years, we will aid in the transition to a new chapter in ones senior living lifestyle.  We assist through the whole process; from when we meet you to when you move into your new home.